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10% off packing materials when you book – Use code HAPPY23

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Guidance for people who are moving house

Manny Sahmbi October 8, 2013

Updated: November 23rd, 2023

Guidance for people who are moving house
It has been reported on numerous occasions that people experience particularly high levels of stress when moving house. There are concerns regarding the protection of valuable furniture and family heirlooms. It may even be necessary to organise childcare and select suitable storage space in preparation for the big day. Thankfully the professionals at Happy 2 Move have come up with these fantastic house moving tips.

Enlist expert assistance

Some of you may think that it will be possible to complete the removal process without professional help. However, you may realise that you’ve underestimated the task when the big day finally arrives. You’ll probably wish that you had some assistance with the lifting of heavy household items. You may also have trouble fitting everything into your vehicle. These are just a couple of reasons to use removals and packing services in the London area.

Select appropriate packing materials

The removals company may be prepared to provide boxes and other containers in preperation for the move. You might also want to purchase bubble wrap, sticky tape and string. These packing materials will be really useful when it comes to securing and protecting your valuable items.

Pack certain items yourself

It may well be possible to pack some household wares into your own vehicle prior to the arrival of a dedicated removal man. However, you should remember that that there is a chance of sustaining serious injuries the lifting particularly of heavy goods. It’s best to leave the physically demanding tasks to the experts.

Use labels

It would be a really good idea to group certain goods for delivery to specific areas of your new home. You should then label the boxes appropriately. You may even use a marker pen to highlight any containers which have been used for the storage of fragile goods. This will remind the removal people of the need to take extra care.

Make sure that you’re covered

Your chosen delivery company may have cover against the cost of items which are unexpectedly damaged in transit. However, you should consider the purchase of additional home and contents insurance.

Pay by the van load

People who choose to pay hourly rates for removals and packing services in the London area will probably want to complete tasks in the least amount of time. Unfortunately they will be likely to make costly errors. It’s for this reason that you should opt to pay in accordance with the amount of space that is taken up in the removal van.

Conduct a final check

You should carry out a final inspection of your property before informing the removal company that it’s time to leave. Make sure that every single box has been moved and that the property is properly secured before you leave.

Relax and unwind

You can expect it to take some time for all of your household items to be delivered. There may even be a need to leave furniture or large electrical items in a local storage unit. You can reward yourself for the completion of such tasks with a refreshing glass of wine and some delicious food.


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