Flatpack Feuds and Decorating Dramas

13 May, 2021

We have all experienced difficult decorating decisions when living in or owning a property. What colour should we paint the walls or is that wardrobe going to fit through the door? There is usually a lot of work to be […]


The Big Smoke Bulletin: January – Menswear & Authentic Cuisine

01 Feb, 2017

Happy New Year, Londoners! Welcome to 2017 and a fresh year of discoveries and adventures in our very favourite city: London Town. Whether you’re just about to move to the Big Smoke, or are preparing to make the hop to […]


The Big Smoke Bulletin: December – Wizards & Walks

09 Jan, 2017

A very Merry Christmas, Londoners! Whether you’re ice skating at Somerset House, drinking mulled wine at Winter Wonderland, watching a Muppets Christmas Carol in Clapham or are curled up by the fire in Farringdon, we hope you have a wonderful […]


The Big Smoke Bulletin: November – London Skin & Local Tapas

29 Nov, 2016

It’s gotten decidedly nippy and drizzly in London town this month, which means our customers are in need of a warm welcome more than ever! To help out, while we’ve been carting your worldly possessions across postcodes, from N1 to […]


How to Have a Cockney Rhyming Christmas

28 Nov, 2016

Would you Christmas Eve it! The festive period is here again so we thought we’d show you how to have a proper cockney Christmas, explained in old East End cockney rhyming slang. And because we at Happy2Move are legit Londoners, we can even throw […]


The Big Smoke Bulletin: October – Eating Raw & Sunday Roasts

03 Nov, 2016

A warm welcome back to the Big Smoke Bulletin! It’s getting darker and colder in our fair city, which means it’s coming up for party season. Halloween revelry, fireworks and Christmas festivities will soon be in full swing. Lots of […]


The Big Smoke Bulletin: September – Angry Tubes & Fine Dining

23 Sep, 2016

Hello, hello readers, movers & big city shakers! Welcome back to a brand new edition of the Big Smoke Bulletin from Happy 2 Move. Every month we combine our job helping you move house in London town with a big, […]


The Big Smoke Bulletin: August – Colourful Streets & Tasty Meat

31 Aug, 2016

Welcome back, London lovers! We hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine as much as we have this month. August has been a brilliant month for our team, helping you lovely lot move into the Big Smoke or hop across to […]


The Big Smoke Bulletin: July – Yoga, High Tea & Brexit.

02 Aug, 2016

Hello Londoners life-long and new alike! Welcome to a fresh roundup of our favourite posts published by bloggers from all over our big and brilliant city. The summer is finally here in London town and the Happy2Move team have been […]


The Big Smoke Bulletin: June – Serious Meat & Ex-Pat Experiences

30 Jun, 2016

The city may be up in arms over Brexit and the weather may be less-than-lovely, but there’s still plenty to love about London this summer. The Happy 2 Move team have been busy helping new Londoner’s settle into their city […]


The Big Smoke Bulletin: May – Soho By a Local & Clapham Yums

22 May, 2016

As London settles in for a Summer which could be glorious or could be a total washout (who knows, maybe both?), we’ve returned to your computer screen with a brand new edition of the Big Smoke Bulletin. Every month the […]