Export Packing

Packing for export is a process that needs to be handled with utmost care and keen attention to detail at every step. We’re extremely aware of this, and feel that our years of expertise in managing export packing services from start to finish is what truly sets us apart from the crowd.

As well as taking care of countless customers’ home and business relocations – both domestic and European moves – we’ve built a strong reputation with many loyal clients when it comes to export packing and overseas delivery. You can browse our customer reviews pages to see why so many clients in London and beyond were glad they’d chosen Happy2Move for their export packaging service.

What added value do we offer as experienced and reliable export packers?

At Happy2Move, we understand that your time is valuable, and as such our services are always tailored around your individual needs and schedules. In addition to saving you the hassle of ordering quality packing materials, filling boxes and wrapping goods for export, we can also provide a professional end-to-end service covering every aspect of home removals, shipping and export as required.

Our expert staff teams are fully trained, and have collectively gained great insight into best practices and techniques over their years of dedicated service. This means your items are not only safely wrapped and packaged using the best possible materials, but they’re also well protected from damage in transit, and logically organised for quick delivery and unpacking when they reach their destination on time. Our focus on flexibility of services also means you’ll be getting the cheapest possible export packing cost for this quality of service.

Contact us any time for a chat about your next export packing project, and we’ll gladly provide you with free quotes covering a flexible suite of handy packaging and shipping services.