10% off packing materials when you book – Use code HAPPY23

10% off packing materials when you book – Use code HAPPY23

Furniture removals in london

Furniture Removals in London

Does the thought of moving have you spinning? Particularly when you’re dealing with bulky, delicate, or even antique furniture in London, it can ratchet up the stress levels. But hold on a minute! That’s precisely the moment when Happy2Move, your trusted partner for furniture removals in London, leaps into action, transforming what seems like a daunting challenge into a cool, effortless adventure.

Masterful Furniture Navigation

Our professional crew doesn’t just rock at moving furniture, they’re also hardened veterans when it comes to disassembling and reassembling furniture when necessary.

We’re pros at tackling intricate removal assignments, and our rich know-how of the right assembly methods ensures your furnishings stay in showroom condition.

If you’re wondering about large items of furniture – should they be disassembled for the move or can they go as is? Here’s the golden rule: if it came in disassembled, it should go out the same way. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, some wardrobes, particularly those that are smaller or lighter, might not need disassembly.

If you’re unsure, we can assess your furniture and make the best call on moving day.

Can you leave your stuff in the drawers, or should all furniture be completely emptied?

For the safety of the furniture and our movers, all furniture should indeed be emptied. This prevents any loose items from tumbling out during the move or causing unexpected shifts in weight that could lead to accidents or damage. We’re sure you’d agree, it’s best to keep things shipshape!

Furniture Packing Mastery for Ultimate Protection

We’re pretty firm on this – the safety of your precious furniture starts with top-tier packing. Our skilled packers use only the best packing materials, crafted to provide your items the utmost protection during the move.

Alongside this, we offer an efficient packing service to lighten your load in pre-move prep, ensuring your belongings are packed with the greatest care and expertise.

Now, here’s something you might not know: do you need to pack all your furniture when moving? Not necessarily. Most furniture items, if the move is domestic or quite local, can be transported just as they are. Our movers come loaded with transit blankets, generously stocked in all our vehicles.

We employ these to shield most furniture items during transit. It’s fast, straightforward, and super economical – you won’t spend a penny! However, a few items may need a little more attention during transit:

  • Lacquered furniture: These glossy beauties might need some extra cushioning to fend off any scratches and keep their shine intact during the move.
  • Glass/Mirrors: These delicate items need particular care to prevent cracking or breaking, so we take extra precautions here.
  • Delicate/intricate items such as gilded pieces: Given their complexity, these require special packing to preserve their intricacy.
  • Antiques: Due to their age and value, antiques often need more personalised care and attention.

Our movers will use their expertise to ensure these items are moved safely. But if you own any of these, do let us know ahead of time so we can come prepared.

Adaptable and Trustworthy ‘Man and Van’ Service

Just a few pieces to move? Our Man and Van service is your solution for smaller loads or single furniture items. With the same level of professionalism and meticulous attention as our full-service, it’s a standout option for those after a flexible, budget-friendly solution.

Comprehensive Removal Solutions: Not Just About Furniture

When it comes to furniture removals in London, we’re not just one-hit wonders. Our expertise spans across providing complete removal solutions that cater to a wide array of needs. Be it a flat change, assistance with smaller removals, or even a big office shuffle, our team is ready and equipped to handle it all with finesse.

Chat Up Our Team

Ready for a furniture move without the fuss? Drop our friendly crew a message today. We’d be thrilled to craft a quote that suits your unique needs, and clarify any questions you might have about our services. After all, we’re here to make your move as easy as a summer’s breeze!