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By Happy2Move || Posted March 20, 2014

London to Liverpool removals, The Strand sign
The Strand, Liverpool by Elliott Brown

Being one of the most famous and popular cities in England, we frequently find ourselves involved in London to Liverpool removals here at Happy2Move. There is so much to do in the alluring northern city that is it difficult to point to one defining attribute that our customers find so appealing. Instead, it is a rich mixture of factors that make Liverpool such a popular destination for those seeking to move outside of London.

There are many strong associations with Liverpool but perhaps one of the most significant is the fact that it is home to The Beatles, the most successful band in English history. Beatlemania struck the world in the 1960s and hasn’t left us since, and there is no better place to relive some of Lennon and McCartney’s memories than in the city it all began. In addition to frequent tributes and celebrations, there is a museum dedicated specifically to the iconic 4-piece that fans will find extremely interesting, whilst you can also visit The Cavern Club whose fame is rooted in hosting The Beatles all those years ago.

Once you’ve had your fill of rock ‘n’ roll, the famous Albert Docks are a great place to go for a stroll on a sunny afternoon, or you can visit Liverpool’s equivalent of the London Eye; particularly fitting for those seeking London to Liverpool removals. The majority of the attractions in Liverpool are located within a close proximity, making it easy for locals to move between the aforementioned attractions and other areas including the casino, museums and Concert Square which has a famously lively nightlife – and competitive prices to boot!

Liverpool is home to not one but two established Premier League teams in Everton FC and Liverpool FC. Liverpudlians (or scousers as they’re referred to) are known for being passionate about football and this is evidenced every weekend as the town is awash with contrasting blue and red shirts. Scousers are also famous for their cheeky, irreverent sense of humour and for being very accommodating to newcomers, ensuring  London to Liverpool removals remain a common feature at Happy2Move.

Once you’ve set your heart on London to Liverpool removals, you’ll need removal services. We offer a variety of man and van services which can be altered depending on your requirements, helping to ensure the lowest price possible. Once you’ve gotten your instant quote from our site, just book the date you want to move and we’ll happily take care of the rest.

With our esteemed London to Liverpool removals service you can be assured of quality, efficiency and a friendly package every time, this is why we are the moving company of choice, so why not get in contact with us now for a free instant quote!

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