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By Happy2Move || Posted November 12, 2013

Sutton covers a huge area inclusive of districts such as Beddington, Carshalton, St Helier and Worcester Park, as well as a more concentrated area known as Sutton itself. It is a highly cultural region with many sleepy, relaxed sections of high affluence. Our man and a van in Sutton team often find themselves moving people into extremely sophisticated and top-end properties in the Sutton Area. There are multiple theatres alongside galleries, museums and extraordinary country manors which all contribute to making Sutton a highly sought-after are for potential property owners.

Sutton Arts Council plays a prominent role in the make-up of the region. The town centre is littered with public expressions of art, such as the Sutton Heritage Mural which has become an iconic monument at the heart of the town. Unsurprisingly, Sutton also boasts exemplary standards of education and in 2011 the borough topped GCSE results for the whole of the UK, with an exceptional 74.7% of students achieving at least 5 A*-C grades. For this reason our man and a van in Sutton are frequently found helping families set up a new home in the area with parents eager to ensure their children receive the best possible education.

If you intend to hire a man with a van to assist with your move to or from the Sutton area then we highly recommend considering a man and a van in Sutton with Happy2Move. Our all-inclusive service comes at a competitive rate and includes a host of complimentary extras such as safety equipment which can too often be neglected as well as a helping hand with both loading and unloading the van. If you run into traffic or an unexpected occurrence means that you end up needing the movers for longer than expected that’s not a problem; they will be happy to help.

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