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By Happy2Move || Posted November 24, 2013

Do you need a man and van in Kent to help you move house or relocate your business into the area?

Are you looking for a reliable, affordable moving company to act as your courier service, handle an urgent delivery pick up a piece of cumbersome furniture for you?

Look no further than Happy2Move. Our always-available, always-affordable man and van in Kent service is always on hand to help load, transport and unload your goods, no matter how big nor how soon you need to hire a man and van.

The easiest and most affordable way to transport your goods around Kent

People move to Kent for all sorts of reasons. Some come to start a family or be closer to their place of work, some come because they’ve fallen for the charms of this beautiful, historic city, others still move to Kent for its excellent links to other parts of London and the South West.

Sure, Kent boasts fantastic public transport links, and sure this is great for commuting or travelling to meet friends and loved ones, but when it comes to moving large, heavy, or just plain awkward-to-carry items, it’s a different story.

Transporting all your treasured goods from one end of Kent to the next on the bus or train, or even in a Taxi, is not always the best option

Hiring a man with a van in Kent is.

Our man and van in Kent service can help you with all those items that are just too big or odd-shaped to fit in your car, too heavy to take on the bus or too numerous in volume to haul in the back of a cab.

What’s more, Happy2Move’s moving services costs much less than you think. For a single one-off fee starting at as little as £65, we can help you move home, switch to a new office building or carry out a delivery anywhere in Essex.

There is no hourly rates and no hidden charges.

Hire a man and van in Kent who delivers exactly what you need

When you hire a man with a van, you need somebody who will not only get your goods from A to B in the quickest, most efficient way possible, but will take good care of your goods on the way to their destination.

Essentially, you need a moving company who’ll treat your move as if it is his own, and will go all out to get the job done.

We understand this more than most, which is why we provide a moving company who combines an excellent working knowledge of Kent and the surroundings with the skills and experience of helping get the things they need where they need them to be.

Our man with a van is here for all your business as well as domestic needs

We do more than just house moves at Happy2move.

Maybe your business is blooming and you need a man with a van to help you into a bigger premises, or perhaps you’re short-staffed and need a reliable courier service to help with deliveries. We can help with all that and so much more. Simply give us a call today to find out how our man and van in Kent can help you, no matter what your needs.

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