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By Happy2Move || Posted August 13, 2013

If you have ever been to Acton Market you will have seen all the stock the stall holders have in bags and boxes around them. If you live with a stall holder can you get the car into your garage, is your house stuffed full of stock for the market?

What you need is our Self Storage in Acton. All the market stock can be kept secure and dry while you reclaim your spare room and your garage.

Our Self Storage in Acton isn’t only for Market stall holders. Students too can make use of our facilities. If you are a student and need to store your books and files while you look for new accommodation, or take off to Ibiza for the summer, rent a small space and leave all your valuables and work safely locked up until your return, call us now and we will be happy to provide you with a quote!

Another useful service provided by our Self Storage in Acton is the storage of domestic goods. This might be furniture from your home, or kitchen equipment, which you need to store whilst you are having work carried out. Storage can be arranged on a short term basis and it means that you can relax knowing your kitchen equipment or furniture isn’t going to get damaged while the workman are around.

Another reason to use our secure self storage is if you have come back from living abroad and you are still looking for a place to live. Rather than rush things, put your belongings in storage and take your time looking for that perfect home.

If you’ve got a business which means you have to keep paperwork on file for a number of years, but you’re short of space; you can rent a secure storage unit nearby and all the files can be boxed up and shelved until you are able to destroy them.

Larger commercial business can make use of pallet storage at our Self Storage in Acton, where you can also hire a forklift truck for easy loading and unloading.  This means that you can take advantage of bulk buying opportunities, without worrying about space.

Flat owners can also take advantage of our secure self storage units. If you are short on space indoors, but you’ve got a hobby like canoeing or camping, rent a storage space and keep your canoe or your camping equipment out of your flat.

Our Self Storage in Acton has friendly staff on site to help, we also have surveillance cameras and pin code entries and on top of that our units are dry, clean and we can also offer 24 hours access!

Our buildings are well maintained and provide well illuminated corridors and rooms. There’s nothing worse than searching for something without enough light.

We have a number of Self Storage units in Acton, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a unit that matches your requirements exactly. A good storage unit will keep your property safe, clean and dry until it is needed again. So if you are looking for some more space in your life call us now for a free instant quote!

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