10 Must-See London Attractions

By Happy2Move || Posted January 20, 2014

Whether you are moving to London or just visiting there are some sites that you just have to see. Here we have compiled some images and information for 10 must-see sites in the capital.

1) Buckingham Palace

Where else to start your sightseeing tour of London than the most famous residence in the country, and perhaps even the world? (Image from (www.london-attractions.info)

2) The London Eye

This attraction has the added benefit of allowing you to see the rest of the city as you are conveyed above the city’s skyline to enjoy an enviable view. (Image from Twin Group Travel)

3) Big Ben

No trip around London would be complete without taking in the impressive edifice of Big Ben. (Image from The West Way)

4) Trafalgar Square

A trip to Trafalgar Square is essential if you want to get to know the capital. See Nelson’s column and the famous fountains at one of the world’s most popular attractions. (Image from Travel and see the world)

5) Tate London

To take in some culture in the city there are few more impressive galleries than Tate London, which is always worth a visit. (Image from Blog London)

6) Oxford Street

Oxford Street is the place to do a little retail therapy, so if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, this is the place to spend it. (Image from Gemma Sturges)

7) Hampstead Heath

Sometimes it is nice to escape the hectic bustle of central London with some greenery, and Hampstead Heath is the perfect place to find fresh air, grass and trees. (Image from Pinterest)

8) Natural History Museum

London’s Natural History Museum is a world famous cultural attraction and a great place for families and any others to learn and have fun in impressive surroundings. (Image from Flickr CC)

9) St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s is an architectural marvel and it is well worth a visit, for tourists and London residents alike. (Image from Nick Garrod)

10) Camden Market

For an alternative shopping experience Camden Market is the place to be. Here you can find vintage clothing, footwear, art and a whole lot more. (Image from Victoria Rosso)

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