Do I Need to Hire a Van to Move House?

By Happy2Move || Posted January 29, 2013

Nine times out of ten the short answer is – yes! People often underestimate the need for a van and try to cut costs in various ways. People lucky enough to own a car will often try to make do with what they have, but by the end of the ordeal they may find that they have spent more than they would have hiring a van! Cars are small and not designed to carry much weight. This means transporting furniture can be difficult and in many cases outright impossible! In addition to damaging their belongings by cramming them into a tight space, the limited capacity of cars means it requires more trips between properties. This results in increased petrol costs and it is no exaggeration to say that within hours the cost can exceed that of hiring a van. In addition, cars are often unable to deal with the added strain of so many items, and it is not uncommon for a visit to the garage to follow to nurse the car back to good health.

So, why not just hire a van, without any removal men? Indeed this is a feasible option, but people are often unaware of the acute difference in price between hiring an empty van, and hiring a man with a van. Let’s say you pay £40 to hire an empty van for a day. First, you have to go and collect it – which requires a second mode of transport already. Once there, you will have to pay a hefty deposit – one little accident and you won’t be seeing that money again. Then, you need somebody qualified and comfortable to drive the large vehicle without damaging it. After struggling to load the heavy furniture into the van and eventually delivering the belongings to your new place, you then have to top up the petrol before returning the van and then making your way home again via a different method of transport. Not only is this an exhausting process, but with all the added hassle, petrol money and time taken, it is often more costly than directly hiring a man with a van!

Very often the safest and even cheapest method is to hire a man with a van. At Happy2Move we provide absolutely everything from the driver, whom will also help load and unload, to the van and equipment needed. We pay for petrol and for small/medium jobs within London there is no hourly charge – just one fixed cost. If you’re worried about not making use of the whole van, don’t be concerned; prices are set based on the space and weight used. Less weight means less petrol, which in turn means lower prices for our customers.

With prices starting from just £45 for a man with a van, equipment, and petrol, providing a door-to-door service, it is difficult to argue that Happy2Move is the best way to start your life in your new home! Please visit our pricing page for more information.

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