The Big Smoke Bulletin: #3 Beer Gardens, Buses and FREE Festival Tickets

By Happy2Move || Posted July 1, 2014

Hello there! Welcome to Happy 2 Move’s 3rd London roundup! This month we’ll be making sure you never get bored in the Big Smoke again (and giving you the chance to WIN two tickets to Secret Garden Party), uncovering the very best beer gardens in London Town and trying to work out how the BBC missed 50,000 anti-austerity protesters right on the doorstep of New Broadcasting House…

Hello Sunshine! Meet the Best Beer Gardens in London Town

Have you noticed that big yellow orb in the sky over the last couple of weeks? Have you wondered why it is that the tube feels like a journey into the fiery pits of sweaty hell? Well, mystery solved: Summer is very much here.

If you like to enjoy your sunshine with a side serving of cold lager, away from the masses of scorched pink flesh in our ever-more cramped green spaces, it sounds like you’re a beer garden kind of a person.

Fortunately, there’s an abundance of sunny pub-adjacent oases just waiting to be stumbled into (and out of) across the city. Here are a few Londoner’s guides to the best ones…

Do you have a favourite summertime London pub? Leave a comment below to share your secret sunshiney watering holes. We won’t tell, we promise!

Love London Buses? Allow Us to Introduce: Diamond Geezer

It’s easy to berate London buses, along with the rest of the UK’s ever-irritating parade of public transport, but look closer and there’s actually a lot to love. One renegade blogger calling himself “Diamond GeezerTWITTER: claims to give a little insight into “Live viewed from E3”. He’s a passionate Eastender, blogger and bus enthusiast who turns his bus journeys into unexpectedly fascinating mini-travelogues. Cracking stuff, especially if you’re a closet London bus lover.

Did You Miss the Anti-Austerity March? Aunty Beeb Did…
You would have thought that a 50,000 strong anti-austerity march through Central London, starting at BBC’s New Broadcasting House would be pretty hard to miss. Yet on 21st June the BBC managed to completely overlook this very thing – bang on their doorstep. Here’s a glimpse of what they failed to pick up on and some tweets from those who attended.

Were you at the march? Do you have any snaps and insights to share? Give our readers your inside view below.

Bookmark RunRiot, Never Get Bored in the Big Smoke Again

There are a certifiable gazillion reasons why moving to London is the best idea you’ve ever had and RunRiot TWITTER:catalogues at least half of them. This is a blog dedicated to keeping you and yours up to date with all of the very best goings on in London Town and it needs to be added to your bookmarks bar, post haste.

This week RunRiot recommends:

  • Secret Garden Party 2014, Mill Hill , 24th July 2014
    (You can also WIN! 2 adult weekend tickets to the event by checking out the bottom of the events page)

How do you stay up to date with the latest London cultural events? Which bookmark bar essentials keep you in the loop? Share your favourites and all of your roundup feedback with everyone below!

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