Man and a Van in West Ealing | W13

By Happy2Move || Posted February 28, 2013

man and van in - west Ealing - removal service in w13Looking to move house from or to W13? Then you have come to the right place, we offer a fantastic removal service in West Ealing, at great prices!

West Ealing is an area connected to Ealing Broadway via the Uxbridge Road, a stop on the Heathrow Connect and a shopping district in its own right. Whether people are heading to West Ealing to shop, or going via West Ealing to access Ealing Broadway or the other way to Southall or Ealing Hospital, you can rest assured that West Ealing is going to be busy at nearly any time of day. Our man and a van in West Ealing is a great choice if you’re considering moving to or from the area.

Born and raised in the area, the West Ealing driver on our team will help you load up the van, drive to your destination taking the quickest shortcuts and unload the van when you reach your destination. At Happy 2 Move we do not rush you, we are simply efficient. Every day agitated drivers can be seen edging along Uxbridge Road impatiently blowing their horns in blind desperation, whilst our experienced driver slips down a side road and knows exactly when and where to turn in order to get back towards the destination at hand. Our man and a van in West Ealing has been hired many times in the area, and it has been a glowing success every time.

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