Removal Services in Camden Town | Removal Company | NW1

By Happy2Move || Posted October 21, 2013

Camden is a lively area in North London which is renowned for its famous marketplace. The eclectic collection of shops and stalls is filled to the brim with shoppers and tourists, particularly on Saturdays. The mixed clientele has led to Camden acquiring a niche, chic image which has resulted in a number of people asking about our removal services in Camden Town as they look to set up camp in the NW1 postcode. The region is full of promise and has been an established London hotspot for some time, so it is no surprise that our movers and packers frequently find themselves in the area.

With such a busy weekend crowd and being in the heart of North London, Camden can naturally become quite congested with traffic. The number of tourists in the area also means it can be difficult to ask for directions successfully. Fortunately, our removal services in Camden Town come with plenty of experience in the area; all our movers and packer have many years of experience behind them from the removals industry and all our drivers have great knowledge of London roads. This means that we can assure you that we will take the fastest routes to your new home and advice you on what times to travel to avoid colliding with peak traffic times. When you hire our removal services in Camden Town you will also receive a wealth of extras including safety equipment for your belongings and a helpful staff to load and unload the van for you.

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