Best packers for moving in London

By Manny Sahmbi || Posted May 24, 2022

Moving house can be an extremely stressful time, as well as physically exerting, if you decide to do it yourself.

As well as ensuring that all your furniture, possessions and valuables are loaded and unloaded into a vehicle, you also have to make sure they’re protected from damage in case any accidents happen in the process.

It’s for that reason that it’s often better to leave everything to the professionals, and let a removals specialist look after things for you. But does your preferred removals business provide packing and unpacking services in London? And are they experts in packing for moving?

This guide explores why it’s best to work with a company that can handle both packing and moving, and explore some of the leading choices in the marketplace.

What does a packing company do?

A packing company specialises in ensuring that items are protected when being prepared for storage or transportation. This packing may be required because an item is particularly fragile and prone to damage, is especially large or heavy and may pick up damage when moved (such as furniture), or has a high financial or sentimental value that means protecting it is just good common sense.

The best packing companies will use the highest quality materials so that maximum protection is afforded to items. They will also be fully insured and possess a wealth of experience and expertise that means they know how to handle and pack items properly. 

Because of the care and attention that a good packing company gives your valuables and possessions, those that also operate as moving packers give you an ideal option that combines packing and transportation into a single quote and project.

Top moving packers

There are so many different companies offering professional packing services in London that it can be hard to know which to pick, especially if you’re looking for packers for moving. Which is best for you may vary, depending on your circumstances and the nature of the move you’re planning, but four businesses in particular stand out:


Pickfords are one of the most established removals brands in the UK, and have centuries of experience in all types of removals – going all the way back to packhorses transporting quarry stone in the 17th century. Today, Pickfords specialises in removals across the UK and internationally, storage and self-store facilities, and wider packages for moving businesses or employees from one location to another.

Top Removals

With nationwide coverage and the ability to execute house moves 24/7 if needed, Top Removals provides a full range of removal services, along with packing services and crate hire. Top Removals also provides a single item moving service, for large pieces of furniture where professional help is needed, and even collection and delivery of items bought on eBay listed as ‘pick-up only’ and located in London.

Fantastic Removals

Fantastic Removals is an established removals and storage brand with national and international coverage. They combine a wide range of removals, storage and packing services, and cater for both home moves and business relocations. Fantastic Removals also provides a same-day removal service (subject to availability) for when items need to be moved from one location to the other at short notice.


Happy2Move have been offering professional packing services in London, as well as operating as packers for moving, since 2012. In that time, we’ve built up a reputation for good value and the highest levels of professionalism that we’re extremely proud of. 

Having started with just one man and one van, we’ve grown into a nationwide operation that makes moving stress-free, whether you’re staying in London or going further afield in the UK. We provide comprehensive removals and storage services, along with furniture and piano delivery, flatpack assembly, and even moves outside the UK on request.

Everything we do is based on dispelling all the negative perceptions that still exist within the removals and packing industry. We always do a job that works for you, with experienced staff that turn up on time, do the job properly and treat your valuable possessions with the utmost respect.

How to get started with Happy2Move

It couldn’t be easier to arrange a professional, hassle-free house move with Happy2Move. 

Start by filling in our removal request form, or by contacting us by phone or email, so that we can understand your specific requirements. We can then dispatch a trained surveyor to visit your home at a time that works for you, so that they can assess your possessions and create a strategy for executing the move as seamlessly as possible. Their findings will form the basis of your individual quotation for a move that’s tailored to your needs, and once you agree to the quote, you can relax and let our team of experienced removals staff take care of everything.

Interested? Get a free quote today!

Planning your next house move, or need to pack or transport fragile or valuable items? Happy2Move gives you the perfect combination of a top-quality service at affordable prices. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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