Student Storage 

If you find that you need to store your possessions in between student accommodation moves, or you have additional items that don’t fit in your current place, our student storage might be just the thing.

Why bother with student storage?

Moving away to university is a big step. You are making a new life in a new part of the country – or even a new part of the world if you’re an international student – and this means you’re going to need a lot of stuff. But what are you supposed to do with a mass of personal possessions during holidays and between moves to new student accommodation? You may be able to drag everything back home, but often the easiest solution is student storage.

Affordable student storage in London

Students often don’t have a lot of spare money – especially those living in London – which is why we try to make our storage as cheap as possible. Most students we work with want short-term storage but we’re totally flexible here, and we have different storage space size options too, so whatever your needs we can offer you the best storage solution. 

How student storage works

The process is pretty simple: we come and pick up your belongings from your student halls, flat or house, load them onto one of our vans, transport them to our secure London storage facility and look after them until you need them back. At which point we load them back onto our van and deliver them straight to your door.

Get in touch

If you’re still not sure whether student storage is right for you, get in touch to chat about your requirements. We’ll be happy to run you through the options available and the best prices we can offer.

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