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By Happy2Move || Posted August 13, 2013

Hanwell is in West London in the borough of Ealing. In the old days the horse drawn coaches used by businessmen visiting London used to pass through Hanwell and it became a popular place to stop for the night.

Today, you’ll be hard pressed to find a coach and horse, but there are still plenty of pubs where thirsty travellers can rest.

Another thing you’ll find plenty of in Hanwell is Self- Storage Space. If you live in a small flat, or you work in an office overflowing with paperwork, contact us and we can help you find the perfect Self-Storage unit for you.

Market stall holders love the convenience of our Self Storage in Hanwell. They can keep all their stock in a secure dry environment and access it when they need to on market days. It means that where they live isn’t cluttered up with bags and boxes and they can leave work behind at the end of the day.

Auction buyers and sellers also make use of our Self Storage in Hanwell. They can go to an auction and grab the bargains without worrying about where they will put their new prized possessions. Self-Storage in Hanwell is an affordable and practical solution to anyone who lacks space.

If you are thinking about moving into this lovely area and you’ve sold your own home, but haven’t found another one yet; you can use our Self Storage in Hanwell to keep the contents of your old home safe, until you’re ready to move into a new one.

We will find you a Self-Storage Unit in Hanwell that is:

  • Well maintained and clean. We don’t want your valuables getting wet or damp
  • Has convenient opening times, so that you can get in and out at decent times and if you need access on a 24 hour basis, let us know and we’ll find a unit that gives you this service.
  • Free car parking. You don’t want to be paying huge charges every time you visit the unit, we will also check out that it is well lit and secure.
  • Space – Make sure the unit offers a range of room sizes; you don’t want to have to squash all your stuff into a small space, or end up paying for a room that’s too large.
  • Wide, well lit corridors and rooms. If you are moving large objects you need space and light and you should have enough room to move about easily in the storage room.
  • Security – We will assess the unit’s security measures, some units have individual room alarms and pin code access. All good units should offer round the clock surveillance and a security guard.

We can even look for a self-storage unit to store that Rolls Royce you bought in Hanwell Broadway!

Don’t forget contact us by email or telephone and we will make good use of our experience to find you the best Self Storage in Hanwell and, if you need help moving your goods our man in a van will be happy to give you a quote.

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