10% off packing materials when you book – Use code HAPPY23

10% off packing materials when you book – Use code HAPPY23

Art transport in London

Art Transport in London

As is the case with moving all types of valuable, delicate or potentially fragile items, there’s an art to moving…well, art!

Whether we’re talking paintings, sculpture, installations, antiques, large and small objets d’art, or any other type of art transport in London, our expert packing and handling teams at Happy2Move are fully trained and highly experienced in all manner of fine art removals.

We know it’s vitally important to pay close attention to both packing and logistics when moving art around the capital – be it between offices and workplaces, while setting you up in a new home, or loading it into and out of our secure storage facilities.

Best practice: London art logistics

At Happy2Move, we pride ourselves on our safe and considerate handling of all fine art pieces, no matter how large, fragile, irregularly shaped or valuable they may be. A key part of our process involves using only the best quality packing materials when handling your prized collections.

Further to this, there are a range of important handling techniques viewed as best practices for our industry when it comes to art logistics in London. For your peace of mind, we’ve outlined some core features of our approach below:

Meticulous preparation

  • To give your artwork the best possible protection during removals, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure we source the exact types of packing materials required.
  • For longer-term storage, this may include specialist materials such as acid-free archival paper, or any number of other protective layers including rigid multi-ply cardboard, cellophane, bubble wrap and more.
  • Where required, we’ll always take care to dust down any suitable items before packing or storing them, and of course, our teams will be provided with any necessary gloves and protective wear for handling more delicate or fragile items.

Use of sturdy cases, boxes and crates

  • When shipping items in protective cardboard, we only ever use double-wall boxes. These provide far greater strength and durability than cheaper single-wall models, and won’t crumple or buckle in transit.
  • Our high-grade professional packing boxes and other shipping materials help ensure your fine art pieces arrive in the same great condition they left in.
  • For items requiring even more robust protection, we also offer a full crate hire and crating service for all your shipping and storage purposes. If you’re going to be doing some of the packing yourself, you won’t even need to come to us to pick up your crates and boxes – Happy2Move offers cost-effective crate hire with a full delivery and pick-up service, so you can just let us know where and when to bring them to you.
  • Options for additional structural supports, such as A-frames and other specialist crating add-ons and enhancements, can typically be made available on request.
  • Sturdy foam padding and careful void packing is always an option to help prevent delicate or fragile items from moving around inside their secure casing during transport.

Careful arrangement of all shipping and transport logistics

  • We can provide dedicated export packing services for all types and sizes of fine art pieces before shipping.
  • All items we carry – whether it’s between local addresses, or overseas shipping – benefit from our full packing care services ready for transit.
  • When dealing with artworks, antiques and other high-value or delicate cargo, this always includes a range of proven measures used to minimise the risk of any third-party handling damage, as well as additional protection from inclement weather and other potential logistics hazards.
  • Our professional, careful and courteous service also benefits from the availability of fully comprehensive insurance cover. Our public liability and goods-in-transit insurance policies for your valued goods offer our clients complete peace of mind at all stages of the journey.

Choose Happy2Move for all your London art transport needs, and you’ll receive a dedicated and attentive service from trained professionals who know exactly what’s involved in managing fine art removals with great care and attention to detail.

We always strive to fit any and all removals and deliveries around your busy schedule – that’s why we’re open seven days a week for any type of pickups, deliveries and packing services. For more information on art logistics in London, please feel free to contact a member of our team by phone or email today.

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