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10% off packing materials when you book – Use code HAPPY23

Removal Service Case Study: London to Scotland

Why did you decide to hire a professional removal service?

Simply because the job was too big to do ourselves. We did consider asking our family to help out with hiring vans etc – although this would have been a cheaper solution. Also it would have lacked the professionalism needed as some of the items were extremely fragile.


The other important factor for removal service was distance involved, as we were moving from just outside London to Fife in Scotland.

What were your requirements for a removal service company?

There were two main requirements. Firstly, to move our possessions from the bungalow we were living at the time. Then at a later date to collect and move the various large items we had kept in two storage units.


“We were impressed that H2M came out to both locations beforehand to assess what needed moving.”

Why did you choose Happy2Move over another removal service company?

It was between Happy2Move and a Scotland-based removal service company. Although the Scotland company was slightly cheaper, we were impressed that initially Manny at H2M came out to both the bungalow and our storage units. He could see for himself what goods were being moved. This enabled us to personally discuss in detail with him exactly what was required.

What results did you hope to achieve by hiring Happy2Move?

To have a stress free and safe move of all our possessions from England to Scotland!

Were there any particular challenges that this move presented?

Some of the items were very heavy, while some were extremely fragile. On top of that, depending on where they were going in the new house, access to certain areas wasn’t necessarily easy on arrival.


“The team on the day were absolutely brilliant – extremely friendly, and nothing was too much trouble for them.”

How do you feel Happy2Move performed in meeting these challenges?

Manny had a good understanding of our requirements after coming out to assess the job, and this was relayed to the moving team successfully. In addition, the team on the day were absolutely brilliant – they were extremely friendly and very eager to please. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

How did you feel during the moving process?

Generally very good. Although initially there was a small teething issue in that the team on the first moving day were running slightly behind schedule. This potentially meant we would be later getting on the road to drive to Scotland. This would’ve caused us to arrive at the new property extremely late in the evening. But, after some (quite frantic!) calls to Manny, this was overcome. He was able to put a suitable resolution in place that allowed my partner and I to set off on time, while the removals team followed on behind us.

How did you feel about the removal service once the move was complete?

Simply put, outstanding. In particular with the removal team themselves; Martin and his staff were absolutely brilliant, and exceptionally helpful. So much so, in fact, that after they’d completed the first stage of the move, I specifically requested that Manny send that exact team out again for the next stage (moving the items in the storage units).


Getting our possessions safely up from England to Scotland was always our top priority, and Happy2Move achieved that very successfully.


“I’m not convinced things would have gone as smoothly if we’d used anyone else.”

How do you feel about the value for money you got from the removal service?

At the end of the day, while price is important, and we could have got it done on a slightly cheaper budget. I do question whether things would have gone as smoothly, effortlessly and effectively as they did if we’d used anyone else. On reflection, I’m not convinced it would’ve done. As far as I’m concerned, knowing this was all being handled with the minimal amount of stress to us provided excellent value for money.


  • Moving from : Greater London
  • Moving to : Fife, Scotland
  • Vehicles required : 2 Luton vans
  • Number of movers : 4 movers
  • Time taken : One day to pack and move household goods; one day for storage items
  • Total Cost : £2,300 + VAT

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