10% off packing materials when you book – Use code HAPPY23

10% off packing materials when you book – Use code HAPPY23

Packing Materials

Quality Packing Materials: Cardboard Boxes, Bubble Wrap & More

Why Choose Us?

Packing up your home can be a long, tedious task – with moving home often being one of the busiest and most stressful times of your life. Happy2Move can help to take some weight off your shoulders, with either a full or part-packing service for homes of all sizes.

We use premium quality packing materials for strength and durability, to ensure your items are safe and secure from load-out to arrival. Ordering packing materials from us couldn’t be easier – we’ve put together a convenient online shop to make purchasing what you need quick and simple. That way, your move can feel as organised and stress-free as possible with our packing supplies.


Boxes for packing

Small cardboard box for packing

Small box (18x12x12 inches)

£2.50 + VAT

Smaller boxes should be used for heavier items like books, to ensure they don’t get damaged during transit.

wardrobe box for packing

Large box (18x18x18 inches)

£3.50 + VAT

Larger boxes should be used for lightweight objects like blankets and pillows, so you can pack as much as possible, and still be able to lift them!

large box for packing

Wardrobe box (49x20x18 inches)

£11.00 + VAT

Wardrobe boxes are the perfect way to hang and store your clothes safely while in transit.

Other packing materials

roll of bubble wrap for packing

Bubble wrap roll (100x0.5m)

£35.00 + VAT

If you’re looking to give fragile items extra protection, a bubble wrap roll is your go-to material to help cushion your breakable items.

A roll of packing paper

Bubble wrap (per metre)

£0.60 + VAT

Prefer to buy the exact amount of bubble wrap you need? We offer bubble wrap per metre to help protect your fragile items.

packing paper for packing

Packing paper (per 100 sheets)

£10.00 + VAT

Packing paper is a great way to wrap fragile items like glassware and ornaments, to provide surface protection for breakable goods.

king size plastic mattress cover for packing

Mattress covers (plastic)

£5.50 + VAT

Mattress covers are a simple and effective way to protect your mattress against dirt and dust during your house move.

packing tape

Packing tape (per roll)

£2.50 + VAT

Quality, heavy-duty packing tape can ensure your boxes are secure during transit.

permanent marker pen for packing

Permanent marker

£2.50 + VAT

A good quality permanent marker is an essential for labelling your boxes so you know where everything is on moving day.

A pack of acid free tissue paper

Paper blankets (each)

£2.50 + VAT

Paper blankets can help protect your furniture on moving day and are an environmentally friendly alternative to polythene covers.

Anything we didn’t mention?

If you’re looking for a packing material that isn’t listed above, why not reach out to a member of our friendly team? We can often source and supply other packing materials from our suppliers to help make your moving experience as smooth as possible.

A one-stop shop

We are a one-stop shop for all your removals needs. Whether that is packing materials, moving, storage or even crate hire, you can contact a member of our helpful removals team and they can help with it all.

Delivery service

We understand that moving house comes with a never-ending to-do list, and having to source packing boxes for moving can feel stressful. Why not let us take some worry away, and have your materials delivered to your home? Let us take another thing off your plate and have your materials delivered to your home.

High-quality materials

Using the most durable packing materials, including sturdy cardboard boxes, is our priority, to ensure we do the best job. We want every area of our business to be the highest quality service, from the materials we use to the vans we drive.

Crate hire available

No fuss crate hire, delivered to your front door. All you need to do is pack them, and we can pick them up on a day of your choice.

Delivery Terms

You will be charged £15 for delivery, for orders under £50. For orders between £50 and £100, you will be charged £10 for delivery. Orders over £100 will qualify for free delivery (prices subject to VAT). Please note, these rates are only for local deliveries within 10 miles. You should receive your delivery within 2-3 working days once you’ve placed your order. If you need your packing materials sooner, you can opt for express delivery for an additional charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best packing materials to use for a move include a variety of items to ensure that your belongings are protected. Sturdy packing boxes of various sizes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and foam sheets are all excellent choices. Additionally, using high-quality tape to secure your packing boxes will help prevent them from coming apart during the move.

You can find high-quality packing supplies directly through our online shop. We offer a wide range of packing materials including packing boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and more, all designed to keep your belongings safe and secure during your move.

Visit our online shop to browse and purchase everything you need for a smooth packing experience.

For added convenience, we also provide delivery services to ensure you receive your supplies promptly.

Packing fragile items requires special care. Wrap each item individually in bubble wrap or packing paper to prevent damage. Place heavier items at the bottom of your moving boxes and lighter items on top. Use padding such as foam sheets, or packing paper to fill any gaps and prevent items from shifting during transit.

The size of packing boxes you use depends on the items you are packing. Small boxes are ideal for heavy items like books, while medium boxes are suitable for general household items. Large boxes are best for lighter, bulkier items such as linens and pillows. Using appropriately sized moving boxes helps prevent overloading and makes carrying them easier.

The amount of packing paper you will need depends on the volume and fragility of the items you are packing. For a two-bedroom home, you might need approximately 500-600 sheets of packing paper. It’s always better to have more packing paper than less to ensure your items are adequately protected.

If you don’t need all the boxes you’ve ordered and have some that are unused, you can send them back to us. Please note that we are only able to refund you 20% of the cost.

We are happy to help you with packing your items when you need it. Please contact a member of our staff and we can advise the best way for you to package this item.

We do. We can offer a full, or part packing service. Contact our team for a quote today!

For more information, visit our Packing Service Page.

You don’t need to worry about picking up your packing materials from us. We will deliver them to you before your move.

Please visit our comprehensive FAQ page or reach out to the team and we will do our best to answer your questions!

We don’t recommend that you use cheaper packing materials. While it can feel tempting to go with cheaper packing materials due to the price, they may not be as durable or sturdy.