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Benefits of storage when downsizing your business

Manny Sahmbi January 27, 2023

Updated: April 18th, 2024

Many businesses across the UK have taken a hit in recent years due to several economic factors. The pandemic was detrimental to small businesses more than large businesses, both in Europe and the USA, with over 234,000 small businesses being forced to permanently cease operations as the unemployment rate surged to its highest level since 2017.

Since then, the energy crisis has left many companies fearful of being unable to pay their bills should the government reduce their energy support after March next year, with a quarter of small businesses planning to close, downsize, or radically change their business model. Other factors such as the property market, inflation, and increased competition have caused businesses to need to downsize to cut costs and ensure they can keep their doors open.

If you’re downsizing your business, office storage solutions could help you cut costs manage your inventory, and take some weight off your shoulders. Here, we cover the main benefits of office storage, to help you find a new way to save money and ensure your business survives the weight of the current economic climate.

If you’re downsizing your business, here are some ways that office storage solutions can help you:

1. Cut costs

Looking for ways to cut costs as a business? You’re not alone. Even big tech corporations are feeling the strain of the current global financial situation. Google is considering downsizing, following the likes of Meta and Amazon who have slashed headcounts this year. November 2022 tech layoffs alone have surpassed 45,000 heads – so you’re not alone if your business’ finances feel strained right now.

While you may be considering downsizing your workspace to cut costs, this can come with its drawbacks. When downsizing, you may find you no longer have the same space for your stock and equipment. A great solution to this is to put the equipment you don’t always need to hand into office storage. Happy2Move offers storage solutions starting from as little as £16.95 (+VAT) per week. You’re likely to find that the cost of renting a smaller space and making use of storage facilities would be much cheaper than the cost of your current, larger office space.

There are other scenarios where using storage facilities can save your business money, including:

  • You’re relocating your office from London but need to store your stock closer to your customers for ease of delivery.
  • You’re having to shut down your office and need somewhere to store your goods. Putting them into storage will be more cost-effective than panicking and selling your goods for a reduced price.

2. Creates more space

You’ll know all too well how quickly excess stock, files and equipment can clutter an office or factory. Did you know that a cluttered workspace can hinder productivity? Scientists at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that when workers clear clutter from their work environment, they are better able to focus and process information – allowing their productivity to increase. If you’re downsizing and adopting a smaller workspace, business storage can help to keep your new, smaller premises organised and de-cluttered. It’s a great way to ensure only essential items remain at your workplace which can help you make the most of your smaller working environment.


With Happy2Move, you’ll be offered both temporary and long-term London storage solutions to suit your needs. You’ll have the peace of mind that your work essentials will be taken care of all year round.

3. Improves security

If you’ve downsized your business and moved to a smaller workspace, you may worry that you no longer have the space to securely store your items, particularly if you have an inventory of high-value goods.

According to the 2021 Commercial Victimisation Survey (CVS), the most common type of crime experienced by premises in the wholesale and retail sector was theft, at 27%. So finding ways to prevent commercial burglary and theft can give you peace of mind and help to reduce the chances of financial loss due to theft.

Struggling to keep valuable items safe in your smaller workspace? Why not keep those valuable items secure in a storage facility? With Happy2Move storage, your belongings will be safely secured in a purpose-built warehouse with 24/7 CCTV.

4. Easy to access and use

If you choose to downsize your business and need to store excess equipment and stock, our storage facilities are the perfect solution. With our containerised storage, you can access your belongings at any time, as long as you give us a minimum of 72 hours’ notice.

That way, you can avoid a cluttered workspace while knowing you’ll have access to your belongings when you need them.

5. Short-term and long-term storage

We understand that we’re living in difficult financial times right now and your circumstances may change. That’s why we offer flexible short-term and long-term storage options, so you won’t need to commit to anything long-term.

If you’re looking for short-term storage while you downsize to a smaller office or workspace, we can help pack, move, and store all your items until you move into your new space. Perhaps you’re looking for somewhere to store items long-term as you no longer have the space for equipment or stock in your new, smaller office – our long-term storage could be the perfect solution for you.

Need storage or relocation support for your business?

Many businesses are feeling the effects of our current financial climate, from rising energy bills leaving businesses anticipating the need to close or downsize, to simply not being able to afford your existing office or workspace.

If you’re downsizing to a smaller office, warehouse or other workspace and need somewhere to store excess stock or equipment, Happy2Move can help you. We offer both long-term and short-term storage solutions in London to help keep your business organised and save you money. If you need support with office storage or an office move then get a quote today to find out how we can help your business to thrive.


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