Man and a van in Watford | WD17

By Happy2Move || Posted November 12, 2013

Located in the borough of Hertfordshire, Watford is a famous region with a rich history and a number of attractive propositions for property seekers. Mentioned as far back as 1007 in an Anglo-Saxon charter, Watford was a prominent area throughout the twentieth century and much of the beautiful architecture is still dotted about the region today. On the brink of the 19th century the industrial revolution brought first the Grand Junction Canal and later the London and Birmingham Railway – and a host of growth opportunity with it. The effects are still evident today, with our man and a van in Watford constantly helping families and couples move into the Watford area.

Nowadays, Watford has a bustling centre that attracts hoards of eager shoppers. Previously known as the Harlequin Shopping Centre, the building was renamed Intu Watford Shopping Centre and is the perfect place for locals to visit all the most popular high street chains. The surrounding area is an eclectic mix of some of the region’s finest restaurants and bars, becoming a welcoming and lively place on Friday and Saturday nights in particular. We recommend our man and a van in Watford for your initial move to the area, but once settled you’ll find an array of excellent transport links including national Rail, London Overground and a noticeably high proportion of bicycle riders, adding to the environmentally friendly aspect the local council is aiming towards. Watford is also home to a firmly established football team that just a few years ago graced the heights of the Premier League.

If you’re thinking of hiring a man with a van, we recommend you consider Happy2Move. Our man and a van in Watford team have an excellent knowledge of the area in general, and our fees are highly competitive. Our price is inclusive of equipment and any additional time required, so that’s one less worry off your mind.

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