An Office Removal Job – Case Study

Bright, airy, and plenty of space for those giant desks well as a couple of smaller office tables

Another pleasingly hassle-free move done – here’s our recent transporting of a small office setup to a new address a few miles away in South Ken.

The client

A small 5-6 person London office department was moving a couple of miles across town, from its previous base near the Met Police HQ to new premises in South Kensington. (And taking some of its most unwieldy items of furniture with it, of course).

Before the move

It looked like a fairly straightforward job (aside from a couple of awkward stairways), so we assigned two movers to this one and one of our larger Luton vans for the bulkier furniture items.

Loading at the pick-up

During the move

A short journey, despite passing through a few very busy areas, so we weren’t long on the road. As with most office moves, the real bulk of our work took place in loading and unloading the van on this one!

Any challenges?

The staircase was pretty narrow at the pick-up location, and the office was two flights up, so there was a bit of manoeuvring required to get some of the larger items down to the van at that end. As the furniture checklist included three particularly large desks that needed to come with us, we decided that it made sense to dismantle them at the pick-up location and transport them in pieces before offloading and reassembling them at the destination. This worked out well and didn’t delay us much, which we were pleased with.

The result

The customer was extremely happy with the speed and efficiency of the move. They even took the trouble to send us a follow-up email thanking us again ‘for ensuring we had a smooth office move last week’, which was very much appreciated by all of us. Thanks folks!


  • Moving from : a small office in Dacre Street, near New Scotland Yard
  • Moving to : a new office base at the French Embassy
  • Vehicles required : A Luton van
  • Number of movers : 2
  • Time taken : 4 hours
  • Total Cost : £200

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