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10% off packing materials when you book – Use code HAPPY23

Office Removal: Removal to the Heart of London

Bright, airy, and plenty of space for those giant desks
...as well as a couple of smaller office tables

We take great pride in our work, and there’s nothing we enjoy more than a smooth, hassle-free relocation.

Recently, we had the opportunity to showcase our expertise in office removals with a project that took us right to the heart of the city.

This assignment involved transporting a compact office setup from its previous location to a new address just a few miles away in the vibrant area of South Kensington.

We meticulously planned and executed the move, ensuring every piece of furniture and equipment was safely and efficiently relocated.

Our well-coordinated team seamlessly navigated the city’s bustling streets, demonstrating our commitment to delivering top-notch service even in the midst of the urban hustle and bustle.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how we turned what could have been a stressful experience into another pleasingly hassle-free move. You can find more tips for navigating challenges during a move in our Ultimate Guide to Office Moves.


The Client

A small department of 5-6 individuals from a London office was on the brink of a relocation adventure. Their journey would take them a couple of miles across the bustling city, from their former base near the Met Police HQ to their fresh, new premises nestled in the charm of South Kensington. And naturally, their most cumbersome furniture pieces were part of the moving entourage.

Before The Move

On initial assessment, the move seemed relatively uncomplicated, save for a few challenging stairways. To navigate these complexities, we designated two of our experienced movers for the task and employed one of our spacious Luton vans to accommodate the more substantial furniture pieces.

Loading at the pick-up

During The Move

The journey was brief, even though it threaded through some of London's busiest districts, keeping our time on the road minimal. As with most office relocations, the lion's share of our effort was invested in the careful loading and unloading of the van, ensuring every item arrived in pristine condition.

Any challenges?

The pick-up location presented a unique challenge with its narrow staircase and office situated two flights up, necessitating some intricate manoeuvring for the larger items. Among these were three particularly substantial desks. To ease their transportation, we strategically decided to dismantle them at the pick-up point, transport them in pieces, and then reassemble them at the destination. This approach was highly effective and caused only a minimal delay, to our satisfaction.

The result

The client expressed immense satisfaction with the swift and efficient execution of the move. So much so, they graciously sent us a follow-up email to express their gratitude, commending us for facilitating 'a smooth office move last week.' This heartfelt appreciation resonated deeply with our entire team and reaffirmed our commitment to providing exemplary service. A big thank you to our wonderful clients!


  • Moving from : a small office in Dacre Street, near New Scotland Yard
  • Moving to : a new office base at the French Embassy
  • Vehicles required : A Luton van
  • Number of movers : 2
  • Time taken : 4 hours
  • Total Cost : £200

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