Removal job from Swiss Cottage to Balham

One of those slightly larger moving jobs, requiring two six-hour shifts of packing, transporting and unpacking at the other end. Check out the process below – pretty smooth sailing once again, we’re happy to report!

Lots of packing to do today

Lots of packing to do today

The job

Moving from: a 2-bedroom flat in Swiss Cottage
Moving to: a larger family flat in Balham
Vehicles required: Luton van and a LWB Transit
Number of movers: 2 packers, then 3 movers
Time taken: 12 hours total (two 6-hour stints)

Yep, this family is going to need a bit more room!

Yep, this family is going to need a bit more room!

The client

We were hired to move a family who had finally outgrown their previous two-bedroom flat in Swiss Cottage due to a happy new addition to the clan! Time for a space upgrade – our job was to see them and their possessions safely into a nice spacious new 3-bed premises in Balham.

Right then, let's get this lot packed up

Right then, let’s get this lot packed up

Before the move

We sent out 2 packers on the family’s chosen packing day (prior to the actual move day itself), to get all their goods, ornaments and furniture items securely boxed up and suitably protected.

A place for everything...

A place for everything…

That was a 6-hour job, following which we sent out 3 movers on the allotted transfer day with a Luton and a LWB Transit van for the big move – this second (final) phase also took 6 hours to complete.

...and everything in its place

…and everything in its place

(Even snacks - which can indeed be fragile)

(Even snacks – we’ll have no crushed crisps on our watch, thank you)

Making the move

After some planning and consultation with our LiveTraffic satellite system, we decided the most appropriate route between Swiss Cottage and Balham would be to head around Regents Park, past Hyde Park/Park Lane, through Victoria, over Vauxhall Bridge, past The Oval, then on to Stockwell and Clapham Common before arriving at our destination.

A two-van job, and no mistake

A two-van job, and no mistake

Any challenges?

Nothing was too awkward when it came to the actual packing and loading process. We had to dismantle both beds to make sure they could get out easily without posing a risk to any other items being transported, but they were quickly reassembled at the new property.

Both locations had service lifts, which sped up the process of loading and unloading the vans a fair bit.

Welcome to your new home!

Welcome to your new home, folks

The results

The customers were happy with the service provided, and we were happy with another fairly big job taken care of. On to the next one!

That's more like it – space to spare!

That’s more like it – space to spare. Now let’s get it filled…

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