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10% off packing materials when you book – Use code HAPPY23

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How to Deal With Contracts For Your New Home

Manny Sahmbi December 15, 2020

Updated: April 18th, 2024

If you’re in the process of moving into a new home, we know what a bittersweet experience it can be. Every day, we help people who are excited to start a new chapter of their lives in their new homes, but paralysed with anxiety at the thought of moving day. That’s why we feel that a friendly, supportive, professional and personal touch is one of the most important things a removal service can offer.  Whether you’re buying your new home or moving into a rental property, you’ll need to keep on top of a range of contracts to save yourself hassle (and money) later down the line. For instance…

Sort out your energy contracts sooner rather than later!

Whether you’re setting up energy in a rented house or a property you own, your energy contract is something you’ll want to get on top of as soon as you can. When you move into a new home you’re automatically on a “deemed contract” with the property’s energy supplier. This means you’re paying a default tariff with a variable rate. So you’re probably not getting the best value tariffs for your gas and electricity. You should notify your energy supplier that you’re moving 28 hours before your moving day at the very latest.

Unfortunately, you can’t change energy suppliers until you’re responsible for the supply (i.e. when you move in). So get in touch with our friends at https://switch-plan.co.uk/ as soon as possible!

Deal with water and utilities

While you can’t change your water supplier, you’ll need to inform whatever company deals with the water in your area that you have taken over responsibility for the supply. It’s also a good idea to get new contracts for other essentials like your phone and broadband set up as soon as possible.

Contact your local council

Notify your local council that you have moved as soon as you can. This means you’re billed accurately for your council tax, and allow you to vote.

Register with local healthcare services

As well as dealing with your utility and council contracts, it’s also a good idea to register with the relevant healthcare authorities as soon as you can. If you fall ill, the last thing you need is to wait for your membership application to be processed before you can get treatment.

Click Here to find a local GP near your new home. It’s also a good idea to register with a local dentist as soon as you can, as well as other healthcare services like an optician or audiologist.

If you’re proactive, and deal with these contracts and services as soon as possible, you can spend more time enjoying those magical early days in your brand new home!


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