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By Happy2Move || Posted August 13, 2013

Self Storage in Ealing for Offices

Have you got an office in Ealing – W5? Are you falling over piles of paperwork and boxes? Then you need to think about self-storage.

Moving all those papers and boxes to our self storage in Ealing, will firstly give you a lot more office space, which means you can make the office more comfortable or, fit in that extra desk you’ve always wanted. And secondly, you’ll reduce the fire risk in the building.

All the archives and old paperwork that you can’t shred can be organised, boxed and stored in our self storage units in Ealing. You can access them when you need to and they’ll be kept dry and free from damp.

Self Storage in Ealing for Households

It’s not only offices that can make use of our self storage in Ealing. Storage for domestic households is also available. For example if you have just sold your house, but you haven’t as yet found your new home, or something has gone wrong with your purchase; you needn’t worry, we have a number of secure self storage units in Ealing where you can store your furniture until you need it.

If you live in a flat and space is a problem, you can rent a unit in our self storage in Ealing at an affordable price. You can use it to keep all those bits and pieces that you want to keep because you use them occasionally, but which take up valuable space.

Why you should hire our Self Storage Units in Ealing:

  • The building – Our building is clean and well maintained. You don’t want your valuables getting wet or damp.
  • Easy Access – If you think you’ll need access seven days a week, then look no further, we can provide access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Car Parking – You don’t want to be lugging heavy boxes for any distance. Our facilities provide free parking with plenty of loading bays.
  • Space – We offer a range of room sizes; so you don’t have to squash all your stuff into a small space, or end up paying for a room that’s too large.
  • Wide, well lit corridors and rooms. You need space to manoeuvre and good lighting.
  • Security – All units have individual room alarms and pin code access. All our units offer round the clock surveillance.
  • Staff – We have friendly, helpful and uniformed staff on site to help with any queries.
  • Boxes and bits – We can supply you with boxes, bubble wrap and tape at great prices.
  • Drive in facilities – If you are storing the contents of your house, this will make it easier for you. You can drive right up to the loading bay to make loading and unloading large pieces of furniture a whole lot easier.

Whatever your storage problem, our self storage in Ealing will provide you with an affordable solution; close to your home or office where your furniture or paperwork will be safe and secure for as long as you need that bit of extra space.

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