Self Storage in North London

By Manny Sahmbi || Posted July 23, 2019

When it comes to solutions for cheap storage in North London, demand has long outstripped supply. Unfortunately, this has led many of our competitors to tie clients in to less flexible deals than they’d ideally like. At Happy2Move, we’ve long felt that self storage in North London needed a rethink.

That’s why we’re proud to offer a cheaper and more convenient alternative to our customers. How? Simple: by making sure that every customer gets an arrangement that works for them today…and that if things change tomorrow, we’ll always be ready to change your package to accommodate your specific needs.

This means that when you book with us, you don’t ever end up paying over the odds for storage space and services you don’t need, regardless of whether you’ve hired our secure and well-organised North London facilities on a long-term or a short-term deal.

Self storage North London: business or individual solutions

Whether you’re a student who’d rather store belongings over the holidays, a family moving home in the near future, a business relocating to new premises, or an individual downsizing and decluttering, Happy2Move can accommodate your day-to-day and week-to-week needs.

The flexibility of our storage packages means you’ll always be able to make changes to the type and amount of space you need to hire. At our safe, trustworthy and carefully supervised North London facilities, your valued possessions will be secured and looked after year-round, with stress-free access to your items whenever you need them.

In addition to our full suite of packing, removals and delivery services, we offer handy storage facilities north of the river within easy reach of customers in:

When you request a storage quote from us, you’ll get a full breakdown of clear prices with no hidden extras. To enjoy our market-leading customer service with low price storage options, drop us a line today.

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