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10% off packing materials when you book – Use code HAPPY23

How to Assess Movers and Packers in London

How to Assess Movers and Packers in London

Manny Sahmbi November 26, 2020

Updated: April 18th, 2024

Obviously you want a great service when you hire movers and packers in London. But what exactly does a ‘great service’ entail in this industry?

How far should a removals and delivery company go, beyond simply upholding their end of the basic agreement? What are the key traits that make one ‘man with a van’ service substantially better than another?

You won’t be surprised to learn that, here at Happy2Move, we’ve certainly got our own views on appropriate answers to all of the above. We’ve developed them over years of dedicated and reliable customer service, helping countless new and returning clients pack and move their homes, possessions or workplace setups across all regions of the capital.

In that spirit, here’s our quick guide to choosing a great moving and packing company in London, based on the high levels of service we insist on bringing to every single job we do.

Check advertised prices thoroughly – including any fine print!

A reputable company’s website will include a clear, detailed and unambiguous pricing guide for various types of jobs and requirements. This should include stated hourly rates for different types or sizes of removals vehicles and helper teams.

It should also offer a clear and specific breakdown of any ‘extras’ that will normally raise the price of a given job beyond the base cost. This might include after-hours work, longer delivery distances, congestion zone charges, and so on.

Finally, any trustworthy removals business will usually be happy to provide a free bespoke quote in advance of any job you discuss with them.

Look at previous customer reviews and testimonials

You’ll often find some of these quoted on a company’s own pages – and needless to say, they’ll only ever be glowing! That might be an entirely accurate reflection, or it might not. For a proper, impartial overview and a better sense of perspective, it’s often more helpful to look elsewhere online.

We’re always proud to point prospective clients in the direction of our write-ups on independent sites like Removal Reviews and Google Maps. Between those two platforms, you can currently browse the opinions of more than 130 people who’ve used Happy2Move before. (Spoiler alert: we’ve done pretty well!)

If this sort of feedback seems difficult to find for a particular company you’re considering using, you might want to look elsewhere in our view.

Ask about the company’s vehicle fleet and staff teams

The best movers and packers take genuine pride in the services they deliver. That pride – along with the company’s general level of responsibility, attention to detail, and all-round attitude towards customers – is reflected in the vehicles and the people they send out on each and every booking.

We’ve always felt it’s crucial that our vehicles be kept clean, tidy and well maintained at all times, regardless of the size or type of job we’re doing. Similarly, we only hire team members who reflect the attitudes we’ve built our reputation on: reliable, friendly, courteous, respectful, and positive.

See what other categories of service the mover provides

Are small, hyperlocal, man and van pick-up/drop-off jobs all the company offers, or are they able to provide a range of services to a suitably high quality across the board?

Being a small or specialist business doesn’t stop you from being great at it, of course. However, if a business successfully performs a wider selection of services and facilities, this often indicates an overall can-do attitude and a willingness to go the extra mile for its customers.

Moreover, looking at the fine details across a company’s full portfolio of services can tell you a lot about how they approach any individual task. For example, here at Happy2Move, we like to think our insistence on using only high grade packing and shipping materials reflects well on the level of care we take with all goods entrusted to us.

Get in touch and have a chat

Finally, a quality London removals business will always be available to talk over the details of any upcoming job you might want them to help with.

Flexibility is right up there with affordability in terms of what’s important in this industry: after all, we’re often working on behalf of busy customers who are already juggling the various stresses of packing and moving. We understand this perfectly, which is why we operate seven days a week, including overnight deliveries on long haul and European trips (when booked in advance).

In short, your convenience is our priority – as it should be for all companies offering similar services across the capital. Our phone lines are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Sunday inclusive. If you’d rather talk over email, you can of course get in touch any time you like, and we’ll always respond promptly.


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