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10% off packing materials when you book – Use code HAPPY23

Moving to the UK

Moving to the UK – A Guide

Manny Sahmbi September 26, 2020

Updated: April 18th, 2024

Are you currently planning on moving to the UK? Firstly, a warm welcome in advance from all of us here at Happy2Move! Secondly, we know that any home move can be a busy, stressful time – and especially so if you’re transferring overseas.

As a London-based professional removals company, we have years of experience in managing UK home and office relocations. Our services include furniture packing and assembly services, short and long-term storage provision, and a full suite of other services. We’re also highly experienced in using all of these skills and facilitiesIf you, your family or your loved ones are getting things ready to do just that. Below are a few key tips to help minimise the hassle involved in moving to the UK with your belongings.

Shipping furniture to the UK from abroad

One of the first obstacles you’ll encounter when moving across international borders is the issue of shipping your furniture. In particular, what to do with it when it arrives here.

Most people prefer to bring a few important pieces of furniture and other valued belongings with them when they relocate here from abroad. Naturally, this can really help many people to feel more at home right away.

The first piece of the puzzle is, of course, getting your belongings packed up and sent out from the country you live in at the moment. For reasons of practicality, you’ll most likely be using a local service in your current location to do this.

What do expert removers offer?

Always choose a company to entrust with the packing and shipping of your furniture or other valued belongings. Happy2Move always recommend you look for a removals expert that offers:

  • A dedicated home removals service, with plenty of experience in shipping items overseas
  • A professional packing service for home removals, shipping and exports
  • The use of high quality, durable packing materials
  • Full comprehensive insurance against damage and loss in transit
  • A polite and courteous approach, answering any questions you might have about the move, and ensuring the customer’s needs always come first

Once your furniture and other valued possessions arrive in the UK, the next part of their journey may take one of several paths. This will depend on where, how and when you’re moving. It also depends on what stage of the ‘settling in’ process you expect to be on the day you (and your belongings) arrive.

Storing furniture and other large items when moving to the UK

When you initially arrive, you might be lucky enough to need only a furniture delivery service right to your new doorstep.

In many cases though, you may wish to make alterations and improvements to the property you’re moving. Prior to unpacking and installing all your possessions. Needless to say, this can be somewhat difficult if all your larger furniture items arrive at the same time as you do. Alternatively, you might find yourself bringing more items over to the UK than you can fit in your new home right away. After all, it’s often more economical to ship everything over in one go than to send pieces over in smaller batches.

In either case, it’s often useful when moving abroad to place some items in short- or long-term storage on arrival. For many of our clients moving to the UK from other countries, finding reliable London storage during the early stages of arrival can be tricky. You may not know how long you’ll require the use of a storage facility for. You’ll want to feel confident that your possessions are being well looked after until you need to retrieve them.

Our Terms

One of the reasons Happy2Move storage solutions are popular for these sorts of purposes is that we offer completely flexible terms:

  • You can store your goods with us for as long as you like, and remove them at any time you need to
  • You won’t be tied into a lengthy fixed-term contract, meaning there won’t be any hidden fees to pay if you decide you no longer need the service
  • In addition, all our London storage facilities are safe, secure and monitored, with full insurance for added peace of mind

When retrieving items from storage, we’re always happy to help out with the packing, collection, delivery and assembly of both new and old furniture should you need us to.

Moving from the UK to Europe

If you’re making the move in the other direction – i.e. leaving the UK to live overseas – we can provide you with a fully comprehensive, end-to-end European removals service from our base in London. This includes export-wrapping all your items (including larger furniture pieces and artwork) to the highest industry standards, before preparing them for careful loading into sturdy shipping containers.

We oversee loading and unloading of crates ourselves.  Happy2Move take full responsibility for your cherished items. This let’s you can relax and focus on getting yourselves where you need to be. In adition, we can even manage much of your freight origin and destination admin for you. This includes assisting with customs clearance where required.

Whether you’re moving to or from the UK, feel free to contact us any time by phone or email, or use our website tool for a free estimated quote with no obligation.

Whatever type of removals, shipping or storage services you need. We take pride in helping make the experience easier, smoother and more pleasant for you throughout.

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