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Things to Buy for a New House [the ultimate checklist]

Manny Sahmbi October 9, 2022

Updated: April 23rd, 2024

Moving to a new house is a time for celebration and new beginnings, but does require planning ahead to ensure things run smoothly on the big day. There are essential items you’ll need for your new house, as well as optional extras that may feel essential (like that extra special but pretty pricey chopping board), to spruce up your new pad.

With endless to-do lists and the fear of forgetting something, we’ve put together this handy checklist of things to buy for a new house, split out into essentials and non-essentials. From home insurance to decorative items, this list should help keep your anxieties to a minimum and transform your new house into a home.

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Essentials – what you should buy now for your new house

Kitting out your new place is exciting, but can feel a little daunting too. Buying the essentials you’ll need can be costly and it’s all too easy to forget things. You’ll need to plan ahead and put together a budget to tick everything off the list. Here’s our list of essentials you’ll need to buy:

  • Home insurance

While it may feel like an unnecessary expense, home insurance is a must-have to protect you financially should something unexpected happen to your property. There are two main types – buildings insurance and contents insurance. They can either be bought individually, or as a combined product.

  • Buildings insurance

This covers you if the structure of your home (such as the walls, roof and floors) were to get damaged. Often, it will cover damage to fixtures and fittings as well. While buildings insurance isn’t a legal requirement, it is usually asked for by mortgage lenders.

  • Contents insurance

Contents insurance covers you for loss or damage to your personal possessions, in the event of fire, flooding, theft, or similar. While having contents insurance is optional, insuring your possessions is generally a good idea if you want to protect yourself financially should disaster strike.

  • Safety essentials and first aid supplies

There are various household safety essentials you should add to your shopping list, from rubber gloves to a torch. Having a first aid kit stocked up can give you peace of mind that should someone injure themselves, you have a box of supplies ready to go. Make sure to have your first aid supplies packed separately when you move, so they’re accessible, to save you searching through your removals boxes should you need it!

  • Cleaning materials

Even if you’ve paid for a cleaner to freshen up your new place, you’ll want to stock up on cleaning materials once you’re moved in. From limescale remover and furniture polish, to a mop and toilet cleaner, having your cleaning supplies stocked up will keep your new home looking sparkling and…new.

  • Essential furniture

Moving house is an exciting time, and you’ll no doubt be browsing furniture websites to make your dream home a reality. But a home like those on your Pinterest board isn’t going to come to life overnight. Before you splurge on luxury goods, it’s a good idea to prioritise any essential furniture you’ll need as soon as you move in. Once those bits are ticked off, you can save up for that velvet sofa you’ve been eyeing up. Make sure you have the essentials like a wardrobe, a bed and mattress, and a bedside table ticked off your list before you start to buy those high-end items.

Worried about getting things set up quickly? We’ve got you covered. We can assemble your new furniture so you have less to think about on the big day.

  • Kitchen essentials

The kitchen is probably going to be one of the rooms you spend the most time in in your new place, so you’ll need to prioritise the essentials. If this is your first home, it’s likely you’re starting from scratch with your kitchen essentials. If you’re moving home, you may be looking to replace your old kitchen items that have had their day. Add to your list a toaster, kettle, microwave, cutlery, plates, pots and pans, baking trays, and mugs and glasses. If you’re stuck for where to store those bigger items before moving day, don’t panic. We offer short-term and long-term storage options in our secure London storage units.

Don’t forget bin bags, tea towels and sponges, and some tea bags to offer your removals team a cuppa on moving day!

  • Bathroom essentials

While you may leave decor and organisation for later on, you’ll want your bathroom stocked with the essentials you’ll need right away. Things like a shower curtain, a bathmat, towels, toilet paper, a toothbrush holder and a mirror will make your bathroom functional before you start to decorate. Looking to keep things tidy but short on room? Invest in some storage baskets or shelving to maximise your space.

  • Linens

Another essential to add to your list is linens including a duvet cover, pillow cases and spare sets. It may be best to invest in good quality linen that won’t need replacing often, to save you money long term. Make sure you have your bed linen accessible on moving day (not in the bottom of a box somewhere!) so you can make up your bed quickly for a well-earned rest.

  • Garden essentials

If your new place has a garden, you’ll want to keep it in good order, so a lawnmower is an essential item, even if it’s a relatively pricey purchase If you’re looking to get hands-on in the garden, don’t forget some durable gardening gloves, a trowel, and items like pruning shears to keep shrubs and bushes under control.

  • Other essentials

It’s all too easy to forget the more mundane household items, but they are often a priority. Don’t forget to add light bulbs, fuses, extension leads and screws to your list!

Non-essentials – what would be nice to have in your new home

When you move into a new place, it can feel pretty alien at first. Perhaps there’s wallpaper that isn’t to your taste, or areas need a full renovation to be in working order. The list below will help to make your new place feel more homely and more yours:

  • Kitchen appliances

Look out for white goods that come with a warranty. To cut down on cooking time and electricity bills, an air fryer is a great alternative to heating up your oven. Other non-essential but nice-to-have items include a coffee machine and a food processor.

  • Technology

New technology is often a more pricey purchase, but is also a source of joy and entertainment for the household. Host a movie night with a shiny TV in the lounge, and elevate your music with a bluetooth speaker – perfect for your housewarming party! If you’re looking to stick to a budget, why not look to buy second hand? You may be able to pick up a pre-loved TV in great condition, which will be kinder to your bank balance than a new one.

  • Decorative items

The best way to make your new place feel like yours is with decor. Add some wall art to reflect your personality and make the lounge feel cosy and atmospheric with fairy lights. If you have wooden or tiled floors, you can bring both warmth and decoration to your home with a fluffy rug. And have your nearest and dearest in eye’s view with some photo frames –  a perfect way to showcase special memories.

  • Garden furniture

If you have a garden at your new house, you may want to invest in some garden furniture. Outdoor tables and chairs are a great way to soak up the sun and ideal for hosting a family barbecue or summer party. You’re sure to make use of sun loungers in the summer months too – perfect for sunbathing, taking a nap or reading your book outdoors. Moving house in the winter? While you won’t get use out of it for a while, buying garden furniture in the colder months can often be cheaper.

Start planning your move today

Moving house doesn’t need to feel overwhelming. Having a professional removals company who do things the right way can take the stress off your shoulders so you can focus on the most important thing – the excitement of new beginnings.

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