7 Awesome Moving Articles to Save You Money & Stress

By Happy2Move || Posted March 1, 2016

Moving home can be an incredibly exciting time. You’re full of big ideas about how you’re going to decorate. You’re looking forward to getting to know your new neighbourhood. You can’t wait to make your new place your own and start the next chapter of your life there – but moving house can also be incredibly stressful and costly.

With so much stuff to shift, and shift safely, moving house can rapidly change from an exciting idea to a rather unpleasant reality. Yet, with a bit of know how and some smart forward planning, you can make your move as painless as possible, so you can focus on the fun stuff. Here are 7 essential moving articles that will help to make your move easier and cheaper.

1. Deciding on a Moving Date

by Pamela Smith at The Moving Blog


The date you choose for your “big move” may feel like a fairly random choice that should fit into your schedule. Yet the day you choose to move can have a big impact on how much your moving company will charge. From business days with higher rates, to better deals if you can be flexible at the last minute, this article will explain how to decided a date and save money too.

2. 4 Ways to Protect Your Belongings When You’re Moving

by John Egan at movingblog.org

From family heirlooms, to your fragile “pride and joys”, moving your possessions can be a nail-biting experience. This article will help you pack confidently and save money or replacements with careful packing and smart insurance.

3. 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

by the Realtor.com Team at moving.com

There are plenty of problematic pitfalls you can fall into during the moving process. These 10 mistakes are worth reading up on to save you the stress and the expense of a slip up, whether you misplace your bill of lading or pack flammable items illegally by accident.

4. Top 10 Hacks to Simplify Your House Move

by Sarah Brown at rightmove.co.uk

Every one of the “moving hacks” in this helpful article is an absolute gem which will help make your move easier in a small but significant way. From helping you file down old nail holes at your former property, to preventing you from getting locked out with your arms full of boxes – this is a must read for any imminent mover

5. Moving House – Top Ten Tips

by Claire Hose at Zoopla & Lawrence Hall at Zoopla

Equally indispensable are these top ten moving tips, sourced straight from a veteran moving professional. From making setting up your bed a priority when you arrive (trust us, you’ll thank yourself later!), to creating a rough room plan for your new place, there’s plenty of handy stuff here.

6. Moving Checklist: 1 Week Before Moving Day

by Helpiammoving.com

Helpiammoving.com have an invaluable series of checklists designed to take you from a month before your move, to the end of the big day itself. These tick sheets will help ensure you don’t forget any of the Big Stuff and make sure you don’t overlook those little niggling tasks too.

7. Moving Home Checklist: Slash Costs & Make Moving Easier

by Jenny Keefe at MoneySavingExpert.com

Here’s another incredibly useful checklist you should take some time to digest – especially if you’re keen to save money on your move. From saving money on your energy bills while moving, to bagging free insulation and challenging your council tax band, this is an essential read for UK movers.

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