The Most Amazing Houses in London

By Happy2Move || Posted December 16, 2013

London is home to over 8 million people, who are spread across the city, inhabiting over 5 million homes. These homes range from expansive townhouses to miniscule bedsits and there are some stunning properties around, as well as some less than salubrious abodes. But no-one wants to look at the city’s top hovels, so let’s have a gander at a selection of truly amazing houses in London.

The Design House

This is an awesome example of contemporary architecture in London that makes the most of the land it occupies. (Photo from repiny)

The Gatehouse

A spectacular old English gatehouse that is now a luxury London home. (Photo from

The Mansion

This handsome edifice is Bentley Priory, a stunning mansion house just 30 minutes from central London. It is set in 57 acres of beautiful gardens. (Photo from

The Water Tower

This incredible home has been converted from an old water tower into one of the city’s most striking residential properties. The creation of this house was documented on Channel 4’s Grand Designs. (Photo from

The Penthouse

For amazing city views, plenty of space to entertain and a stunning city pad it doesn’t get much better than this expansive penthouse apartment. (Photo from

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