How to Compare Storage Facilities in London

By Manny Sahmbi || Posted April 23, 2020

When comparing storage facilities in London you need to consider how much storage space you need, how long you need the facility to store your possessions, and check out reviews and recommendations to find one that is right for you – including recommendations from your moving company. 

London – being London – has a lot of choice when it comes to storage. So if you’re looking for a storage facility to store your possessions, then you won’t struggle to find somewhere offering the service that you need.

The tricky part – with all this choice – is finding the right company. You want to make sure you find a storage facility that you can trust first of all. And you need to find one that fits within your budget. Let’s get into this and see if we can help you compare storage in London so that you get the best deal and the best service possible.

How much storage space do you need?

The first thing you need to ensure is that a storage facility can cope with what you want to store. Most facilities are very large so this is not usually an issue, but worth checking if you’re getting quotes for storage in London, especially if you have a large amount of possessions – for instance if you’re moving abroad and want to store a home full of items until you return or ship them at a later date. Some facilities offer a charge by the square foot so it’s good to know how much you need to store. 

How long do you need to store your possessions?

You may or may not know how long you need to store your stuff, but it’s worth considering before getting in touch with storage facilities or checking their pricing out. The more you know about what you need when comparing storage in London, the better.

Short term storage

If you need to find short term storage in London there are plenty of places that could help. Short term storage is generally defined as storage for three months or less. 

Long term storage

Long term storage is usually considered anything over three months, and this can extend for years if you need. 

How to choose a storage facility

Once you know what storage service you need, it’s time to whittle down your options and make a decision. Here’s what you should do before signing any storage agreement.

Compare prices

Obvious but important – you should compare prices to make sure you get the best deal available for storage in your area. Many companies have a pricing page where you can see prices clearly, otherwise you might have to get in touch to discuss your needs and get a price over the phone or via email.

Compare reviews & get recommendations

Plenty of storage facilities have online reviews, and most of us check reviews when buying products or services these days. Just as valuable though, are word-of-mouth recommendations, so ask friends near you if they’ve used a storage service they’ve liked.

Ask your removals company

Removal companies work with storage facilities all the time, so if you’re not sure how to choose a company to store your possessions, your movers should have some recommendations based on years of experience, so it’s well worth asking them.

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