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What Is Self-Storage, Why You Need It & How to Find It

Manny Sahmbi February 20, 2024

Updated: April 18th, 2024

Are you weighted down by your belongings? One too many armchairs cluttering your living room? Or you’re simply looking for a little bit of extra space. Whatever your situation, there’s a simple solution: self-storage. Since the late 1960s, self-storage facilities have provided convenient units where you can store your possessions. As low-cost temporary storage that comes in a range of sizes, they’re a fantastic tool.

Although first launched in Texas, this handy storage phenomenon is far from limited to the United States. 100s of providers work all across the UK, with storage facilities ranging from <5,000 sq. ft. to over 90,000 sq. ft. This bustling industry generated nearly £1 billion of revenue in 2022. With figures like those, it’s no surprise that 1000s of people each year want to know more about self-storage and how it works.

Number of Self-Storage Facilities Against the Store Size of the Lot.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about self-storage, including the reasons you might need one, and how to find a provider. 

Let’s dive right in.

What Is a Self-Storage Unit?

It is a facility that allows businesses or individuals to rent storage units on an ongoing basis. Whenever you need a little extra space to store your belongings, household objects, unwanted furniture, or stock for a store, self-storage is the solution. Typically these units offer a range of unit sizes, ensuring every client can rent exactly the amount of space they need. The ‘Self’ in this storage format comes from the fact that you don’t need a company to collect and transport what you want to store. You’ll move your objects into your unit yourself in most cases. 

Depending on the exact storage company you work with, you may have 24/7 access to your unit or just within business hours.

Why Do People Need Storage: Exploring the benefits of storage.

A storage unit provides cheap, accessible, and secure storage for your objects. Whether you’re downsizing or simply want peace of mind that your furniture is safe, these units provide an invaluable service for those who need the extra room.

Leading reasons that individuals use a self-storage unit.

According to 2022 data, there are several core reasons that people need to use self-storage:

  • Need Extra Space to Store: Over our lives, we tend to accumulate more furniture than we need. Whether you’re tired of your current furniture or just need to store items to change the scenery, personal storage is an affordable choice.
  • During Moving Periods: You can hire a self-storage unit for all your storage needs for as long as you’d like. If that period is only a few days while you’re moving house, your storage solution will be able to accommodate you. 
  • Freeing Up Space: Sometimes, we just need a change. If you’re looking to free up space and reinvent your interiors, then starting by switching furniture around can be a great place to begin.
  • After a Significant Event: Storage companies are especially useful after a significant event. Whether you’ve recently had a passing in the family, are going through relationship difficulties, or are a student looking for storage lockers, self-storage will come in handy.
  • Decorating: Renting a storage unit for a few days is especially common when an individual is decorating. Instead of putting sheets on all your furniture, you can find the space you need on a short-term scale
  • Downsizing: Kids flown the nest? If you’re looking to downsize, modern storage facilities offer the space you need to store your belongings outside your new home.

Storage facilities offer a safe and secure site that gives individuals and businesses peace of mind when storing their items. 

How To Find a Storage Unit in the UK

Not all storage units are made equally. Not only do facilities offer a range of different-sized units, but they may also offer distinct types of self-storage. When searching for it in the UK, here are the criteria you should look for in your partner:

  • Suitable Location: Location is one of the most important qualities to consider when partnering with a storage space. Make sure your partner has facilities that are as close as possible to your home. 
  • Versatile Storage Options: A self-storage unit could be temperature-controlled, in an indoor self-service facility, in cargo containers, or mobile storage. Depending on what you’re looking for, whether it’s personal, business, or student storage, check if your partner can meet your needs.
  • Comprehensive Security: Nothing is worse than trusting a facility with your belongings and having them go missing. A great self-storage company will offer 24/7 security and surveillance. 
  • Individual Access: When partnering with a self-storage facility, look for ones that offer full flexibility in terms of when you can access your unit. You should be able to fit your visits around your schedule.
  • Flexible Rental Periods: Some people need to store their belongings for a week, others need it for a year. Whatever you’re looking for, your partner should be able to accommodate the dates you’re looking for. 

If your self-storage solution checks all the boxes, you’re on to a winner. 

Need to Store Your Belongings? Get Access to Leading UK Storage Facilities

Finding a great self-storage unit shouldn’t be daunting. Depending on your location in the UK, several recommendable companies are likely only a short distance away.

If you’re looking for self-storage in London, ranging from Central to the outer boroughs, we can help. With five strategically located facilities, Happy2Move ensures you’re always close to your belongings.

Reach out today to get a free quote and find your next perfect storage unit.

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