10% off packing materials when you book – Use code HAPPY23

10% off packing materials when you book – Use code HAPPY23

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What Boxes Do I Need for Packing Glasses?

Manny Sahmbi April 1, 2020

Updated: November 23rd, 2023

Often, it isn’t until you begin the process of packing your home up, that you realise just how many things you own that are breakable or fragile. When it comes to moving house, it’s always better to be too careful rather than too optimistic.

One of the biggest tips we give people when they move house and take on the mammoth task of packing up their belongings is that each room needs to be packed in different ways, and often, different items need different kinds of packing equipment and boxes. For example, packing a lifetime’s collection of books is going to require different boxes for your favourite champagne glasses.

So what boxes do you need for packing glasses?

Finding the right boxes for packing glasses is crucial to ensuring your glasses arrive in one piece!

Glasses are pretty much one of the most fragile items you can transport when moving house. They’re fragile, they’re glass and they break easier than most items (especially if you don’t use the right boxes).

Making sure you’re packing your glasses in the right way, and ensuring you’ve prepped and planned their transportation is key to ensuring you can share a celebratory toast to the move at the other side, once complete!

Finding the right packing materials

Our first tip for choosing the right boxes for packing glasses is to look for boxes that serve that specific purpose. Choosing the right packing materials is crucial here, and if there’s a box type that is specific to what you’re packing, then that is almost always the most effective mode of transporting the item.

Most boxes for glasses come with dividers inside, to ensure the glasses don’t clink or bang against each other during the journey. Why is this so important? Well, sometimes it only takes the smallest clink to make a crack or break a glass.

Find the perfect fit

Once you’ve found the boxes with dividers inside, make sure you choose a selection or combination that fits your glasses inside snuggly. You don’t want your glasses rattling around in the boxes, you want them to fit inside comfortably, without much wiggle room. For example, the dividers needed for champagne glasses will differ hugely from the dividers for wine glasses or goblets.

Ensure the boxes are sturdy

The next thing you want to look out for when finding the right boxes for packing glasses is the quality of the boxes. Don’t go for flimsy boxes that feel thin or bend easily. In this case, when looking to pack glasses, you want to find sturdy, strong boxes that have good structural integrity and strong edges.

If in doubt – let the professionals handle it

If you’re doubting your abilities, or you simply don’t have the time to source and locate the correct materials – don’t risk it. Getting professionals in to pack up your home is the best way to avoid accidents.

Our team of professionals are trained in packing, and they’re experienced and take great care of your items. They’ve delivered all kinds of items around London, so they’re the experts when it comes to ensuring your items arrive in their new home, exactly how they left the old one. Booking a packing service is the smartest decision you can make when it comes to transporting fragile items like glasses and kitchenware, and it saves you the worry too!


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