Boxes for Packing

Successful, damage-free packing and shipping services demand a number of key skills and a good deal of experience to get right every time. At Happy2Move, we’re proud to say that our dedicated and attentive removals, delivery and export packing teams are highly trained in all aspects of the process – and our many satisfied customer reviews certainly back that up.

Even so, we also know that using the right packing materials for the job is absolutely crucial. That’s why we always insist on quality and ruggedness when it comes to sourcing our boxes for packing. This goes a long way to ensuring your precious goods in transit are suitably protected and secured from load-out to arrival, whether you’re shipping them a few doors up the road, or all the way to Europe.

How are our packing boxes better?

Happy2Move uses only premium double-wall moving boxes and storage boxes on all our moving and packing jobs. They’re constructed from two layers of highly durable cardboard, offering significantly better damage resistance than the cheaper single-wall types used by many other companies. We also offer a range of versatile crate hire services for the most demanding delivery and export tasks.

We supply a wide variety of premium packing materials, all selected for strength and durability, and all rigorously road-tested over many different types of shipping, removals and storage jobs. In our considerable professional moving experience, this insistence on quality makes a huge difference when it comes to ensuring your items arrive in the exact same condition they set off in.

Ordering from our flexible range of packing services and packaging materials is simple; we’re always happy to discuss your exact requirements with you beforehand, and let you know what sort of volume or quantity you’re likely to need. There’s no need to collect your boxes or crates from Happy2Move yourself, as we’ll bring them directly to you – and, of course, we can help pack them up for you if you’d like.

Drop us a line with any further queries about required quantities, sizes, or additional packing-related services. We’re always happy to provide more information or a free quote on any upcoming removals, shipping or storage projects you might need some expert help with.