Avoid cheap packing materials!

By Manny Sahmbi || Posted May 24, 2022

Moving house or transporting valuable or fragile goods is a major undertaking, so it’s natural to want to try and find savings wherever and whenever you can. But while you can shop around and find a great packing and removals company that can help you at an affordable price, one area you should always steer clear of is using cheap packing supplies,

In this guide, we’ll explain why using packing materials that are cheap can do more harm than good, and highlight the top-quality boxes and supplies that we use at Happy2Move.

Why should you avoid them?

Because packing materials generally look pretty similar, it can be easy to assume that buying cheap packing supplies gives you the same results at a lower cost. 

The best way to think about it is like buying a crash helmet. If you want to protect something valuable (your head, in this case!), you want the best protection you can afford. Similarly, if you’re protecting your valuable possessions in a house move, or priceless family antiques and heirlooms, you want to invest in the best protection around.

There are three main reasons to avoid cheap packing supplies:

Lack of quality

Cheap packing materials are understandably going to be made to a much more basic standard than other more quality items. For items at low risk of damage or with a small financial value, this is probably enough, but using low-grade supplies may not be adequate for protecting valuables, or large items like furniture that can sometimes be marked in transit.

Environmental impact

When packing materials are made to a price, cost concerns naturally trump environmental factors. If it’s cheaper for manufacturers to chop down trees to make packing paper rather than using recycled paper, for example, then they will always choose that cheaper option. Additionally, many packing and removals operators still use non-recyclable plastics in many of their projects: while this is still unavoidable in some cases, the use of these plastics can easily be minimised.

Impact on local businesses

Most cheap packing materials tend to come from larger retailers who have the clout in the marketplace to be more competitive on price. Buying from Amazon may provide more convenience, but compared to buying from or selecting a local business, it means money disappears from your local economy and makes it harder for local businesses to continue offering viable services.

What packing materials do we use and sell?

At Happy2Move, we don’t use cheap packing materials, because ensuring the safety of the goods that we pack and transport is just as important to us as it is to you. When you use our packing services, you get top-quality materials from start to finish, including:


We use strengthened double-wall boxes that can take heavy loads, and we always ensure that the right-sized boxes are used for the right items. We use small boxes (approximately 45cm x 30cm x 30cm), large boxes (approx. 45cm x 45cm and 45cm) and wardrobe boxes for the biggest loads (approx. 120cm x 50cm x 45cm).

Bubble wrap and bubble wrap roll

Good old bubble wrap still stands the test of time by giving the cushioning protection of air pockets against damage or impact. We can apply bubble wrap in small specific areas that are particularly vulnerable, or wrap up entire items using large-scale, heavy-duty bubble wrap rolls.

Packing paper

Good packing paper acts as a protective film around items, so that they don’t get marked or scuffed in transit. They’ll also be protected from the elements if they’re ever outdoors at any point during a house move. We use and supply packing paper in batches of 100 sheets, so that every item is always given the layers of protection it deserves.

Mattress covers

Mattresses are big, bulky items to move and store, and being fabric-based, are prone to dust and damp if they aren’t packed correctly. That’s why we use mattress covers that envelop mattresses entirely, so that whenever they’re unpacked, they’ll be in just as good condition as they were when they were packed up.

Export wrap

Export wrap offers as much protection as it does confidence, with a sandwich of bubble wrap between tough protective layers of plastic. It’s ideal for protecting larger items like furniture, as well as valuable items being sent abroad where the handling of the item during the postal process can be uncertain.

Packing tape

Good packing tape can be relied upon to hold everything together, and make sure that all the other packing materials that we use stay exactly where they should be. We’ve used our years of experience to hand-pick the best packing tapes around, so that everything remains under wraps.

Permanent marker

Even the best packing materials still tend to be pretty much the same brown colour, which can be unhelpful when you’re trying to unpack and you’re faced with countless identical packages. That’s why we depend on our trusty permanent markers, so we can mark up all your items with relevant information, and clearly indicate if items are fragile and need handling with care.

Paper blankets

Many items of furniture get wrapped in polythene, which is bad for the environment and doesn’t allow moisture inside to escape, which is how furnishings end up damp and musty. To prevent these issues from happening, we use non-abrasive paper blankets that give the perfect balance of protection from knocks and scratches, while still allowing the items inside to ‘breathe’.

Contact us for all your packing needs!

As you can see, at Happy2Move, we have all the packing supplies you need for your move or item transportation, along with a full suite of vehicles, expertise and removal services. To find out more on how we can help you, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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