Removal job from Streatham to Walthamstow

See below for an account of another smooth job, this time moving a London couple from a flat to a larger house…

Ready to go once again

Ready to go once again

The job

Moving from: a flat in Streatham
Moving to: a house in Walthamstow
Vehicle required: 2 x Luton vans
Number of movers: 2
Time taken: 3 hours

Our work awaits at the pick-up...

Our work awaits at the pick-up…

...but it didn't take long to clear

…but it didn’t take long to clear

The clients

This one was all about moving a couple who were upsizing, going from a smaller 2-bed flat in Streatham to a 3-bed house in Walthamstow.

Boxes for loading upstairs, too...

Boxes for loading upstairs, too…

...done and done!

…done and done!

Before the move

We weighed up the job here and decided we’d need to sent out two movers and two of our Luton vans for this one, to ensure that the entire move could be completed in a single trip.

Loading the first van at pick-up

Loading the first van at pick-up

Making the move

Due to the timing of this job – we were looking at finishing the load-up around 5pm, right at the start of peak rush hour – we figured our worst enemy was going to be the London traffic!

However, thanks to our LiveTraffic satellite navigation system, the actual journey time was roughly one hour in the end, which isn’t bad at all for this time of day.

The route we came up with to avoid the worst of the snarl-ups took us down some smaller back roads, steering us from Streatham to Walthamstow via Camberwell, Rotherhithe Tunnel, Limehouse/Canary Wharf and the North Circular (A406). This proved to be a very handy route for us, and we arrived sooner than we’d expected.

A fairly speedy arrival

A fairly speedy arrival

Any challenges?

The clients didn’t present us with anything too difficult to move, so everything was fairly straightforward during load-in. Our customers had already packed everything up prior to the move too, and even offered up an extra couple of pairs of hands as a bonus.

Parking was a little tricky at each end of the move, as both pick-up and destination were on fairly tight residential roads, but we managed to find a suitable spot fairly close by in each case. There were a few fragile items to take care of, but we wrapped them up safely and securely with removals blankets and made sure they were well looked after.

Second van ready for unloading

Second van ready for unloading

The result

Another pair of happy customers, who then took the trouble to leave us a very handy review on Google Plus – always appreciated, so thank you!

All done by dusk - happy with that!

All done by dusk – happy with that!

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